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18 thoughts on “Customer Reviews”

  1. I recently travelled to Columbus for the first time. I actually had an unusual request in that I needed Danny to meet me at Columbus airport, help me with my suitcases and drive my rental car to the hotel. He was happy to do this and I found him to be both charming and professional. I heartily recommend Danny’s car service.

  2. Danny’s car service has been incredible and extremely reliable. I travel out of town every week for work and he and his team are consistently on time and consistently provide a smooth and comfortable ride. This allows me to relax and focus on the work I need to accomplish before getting to the airport. I highly recommend this car service to anyone!

  3. Excellent Door-to-Door Service! We needed a one-way transport from Columbus to Youngstown area for my father. Danny arrived on-time for pick up and was very courteous, cordial and professional throughout the drive. He also stopped at a rest area along the way. After Danny dropped my father off at his doorstep, Danny called me to let me know they arrived safely. I strongly recommend Danny and will use his service again.

  4. Service like yours help us to make sure that we’re meeting the needs of our customers and we’re pleased with the prompt service.

  5. I use Danny’s Car Service every week in the Columbus area. He is always punctual and courteous. I’d recommend him for any of your travel needs.

  6. Hi,

    I wanted to thank you again for our transportation this past weekend! You were so professional and it was great to know we were taken care of. All of our guests were happy!

    Thanks again!

    Heather Sanislo

  7. I work for Touch Bionics, Inc in Hilliard, OH. We use Danny’s on a weekly basis, sometimes up to 15 trips a week. Danny and his staff are always professional and on time. They also have very clean vehicles, which can be hard to find in a car/taxi service. If there is ever a time I need to change a pick up time, they are always so gracious to work with me. Our clients have good things to say about Danny’s as well. Danny has gone out of his way to accommodate our clients when arriving at the airport.

  8. My daughter is attending Otterbein University. When she travels she usually has a friend who can take her to/from the airport. However during Spring Break no one was available to pick her up. She has taken a cab from the Columbus airport before but the driver didn’t really know where he was going and she had to direct him. Being that she was arriving late at night I didn’t want to take the chance of that happening again. I book a lot of executive travel but did not have any contacts for Columbus. So I did a web search and came across Danny’s Car Service. Danny picked up my daughter on time and got her safely back to school. I was relieved when my daughter sent me a text and said “Danny was very nice. He told me to call him if I ever need some good Ethiopian food and he’d give me directions”. I will definitely be using Danny for future needs in Columbus. Thanks for taking care of my daughter.

  9. I started using Danny’s car service so I would not have to leave my car at the airport for long periods of time. I continue to use him because of his caring service. I often leave and return very early in the morning and he is always prompt in picking me up either at home or at the airport. Knowing that I don’t have to worry about getting to and from the airport, finding a parking spot, jumping on the shutting, etc., etc. makes the travel so much easier. Thank Daniel.

  10. I have used Danny for my business and personal car service needs for a little more than 2 years, and I wouldn’t consider using any other service now. Danny is always on time (even when I’ve given him very little notice about a pre-dawn pickup time), and he exhibits a warmth and demeanor that goes beyond just professional courtesy. My 6 year old daughter now asks if he’ll be the one driving us to the airport when we’re going on a trip, because Danny always goes out of his way to make her feel safe and special. Danny’s fees are reasonable and compare favorably to the competition, but the biggest reason I use his service and recommend him to others is trust. I know he’ll be there when I need him, and that we’ll arrive safely.

  11. I travel to client sites every week through the Columbus airport and I’ve been using Danny’s car service to get me there and back. He and his team are always on time with clean cars and an incredibly professional and courteous attitude. There is no way I’ll ever use a cab in Columbus again and I absolutely recommend him!

  12. We booked Danny’s for my sister’s wedding to transport 7 of us to the reception. The driver arrived early and was friendly and professional. The black suburban was clean and comfortable. We were so pleased with the service we booked Danny’s sedan to take some family members to the airport the next day.

  13. I think Danny’s car service is great! As a professor at OSU Medical Center, I have used Daniel for all my transportation needs: to an from work, the airport, and out to dinner. I find him to be prompt, his vehicles to be clean and comfortable and his drivers courteous. His schedule is flexible and he is always there when I need him. I give him my highest recommendation!

  14. I have used Daniel’s car service for three years for business purposes at my company, ABB. We use the service to transport visiting foreign employees and clients. My experience has been outstanding as Daniel and his staff are always prompt and courteous and the vehicles are always immaculate. I recommend this service to any and all.

    Dan Overly
    VP-Global Service

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